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Our Mission

Here at Portable Pete, we’re all about finding amazing products that are portable so you can take them wherever you go. Our dedicated team of researchers and testers make it their mission to find useful and quality products that they can review to work out all the pros and cons and provide useful and relevant information on these products and their uses.

Meet Our Author And Website Manager

Author - Annette Hird

Annette Hird is a professional writer and editor and she crafts all the research material that we collate into readable articles for our readers to enjoy. This allows us to provide you, our readers, with all the information that you need to make a highly informed buying decision.

She also has her own gardening website at https://easyurbangardens.com. So, why not head over for a look if you’re interested in growing your own fruit, flowers, herbs and vegetables?

Plus, Annette is always looking to connect with new clients who could benefit from her exceptional writing and editing skills. So, if you’re struggling with a project that you’re currently working on, why not send her an email to portablepete23@gmail.com?

You can also connect with her on Linkedin – www.linkedin.com/in/annette-hird-freelance-gardening-lifestyle-writer-editor

How We Select The Products To Include In Our Reviews

Before we even start delving into the individual features and benefits of each product in our “Best Guides”, we have to make our selection from the many different products available. So, how do we do this?

Quite simply, we conduct a lot of initial research to select name-brand products that have excellent online reviews and that we would consider using ourselves. We know that if lots of people have purchased these items in the past and they’re happy with them, then it’s safe for us to recommend them to our readers.

Do We Receive Any Compensation For The Products We Recommend?

Absolutely! We receive a small commission every time one of our readers clicks on a link and purchases a product. While this comes at no extra cost to you and doesn’t affect our opinions one way or the other, we do all have to eat and pay our bills. So, we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts if you do decide to purchase any products that we’ve recommended.

We hope that you like what you find on our site and sincerely hope you come back often to see what other innovative products we’ve found.