11 Best Aeropress Accessories And Attachments In 2024

11 Best Aeropress Accessories And Attachments In 2024

If you own an Aeropress or Aeropress Go espresso maker, like the one featured in our review article on the best portable espresso makers, you might be wondering what are the best Aeropress accessories in 2024 for coffee lovers.

Whether you take your Aeropress wherever you go or it takes pride of place on your kitchen counter, there are numerous accessories that you can purchase to take your espresso-making to the next level.

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The Aeropress has gained a lot of popularity among quality coffee connoisseurs and this has prompted the introduction of numerous accessories and attachments.

11 Best Aeropress Accessories

Here’s an in-depth rundown of some of the best accessories that you can purchase.

#1 – Fellow Prismo Attachment

Fellow Prismo Attachment

This clever accessory includes a sturdy mesh filter that is washable and reusable. This makes it much more convenient when you’re traveling because you don’t have to take a supply of paper filters and find ways of disposing of these.

Once you pop the mesh filter into the Fellow Prismo attachment, it creates a valve that will only allow the coffee to come out once you apply pressure to the plunger on the Aeropress. This makes it completely drip-free. 

This also means that you can safely steep your coffee for as long as you want without the liquid dripping out.

And, if you’re into making cold brew, you can leave your coffee in the Aeropress overnight without any worries about it dripping out.

This filter and valve combo just fits neatly onto the base of your Aeropress just like a regular filter. However, because it’s a reusable filter, it’s much more economical and environmentally friendly. 

So, how do you make great espresso with this attachment? I’m glad you asked because I’m going to outline the steps here.

Step 1 – Attach the Prismo to your Aeropress

Place the metal mesh filter into the Prismo attachment with the “Fellow” label facing upwards. Attach the Prismo onto the base of your Aeropress and lock it into place.

Step 2 – Add your coffee ingredients

Add 20 grams of finely ground coffee into the Aeropress and follow this with 50 ml of boiling water. Let this steep for around 1 minute and then stir for another 30 seconds to mix the grounds into the water.

Step 3 – Plunge your perfect cup of espresso

Once your espresso is ready, place the Aeropress on top of your cup or mug, insert the plunger and press down gently and firmly. Enjoy!

With this attachment, you can make great coffee without using the inverted method. This means far less mess and you don’t waste any of that delicious coffee. 

To keep your mesh filter in pristine condition, make sure that you rinse it well after every use. Make sure that you rinse out the cap as well. If you do this after every use, you won’t have any issues with it getting clogged.

Here’s a video that shows how this attachment works:

Stainless steel reusable mesh filterTakes a little practice to attach to the Aeropress
Non-drip valve capYou have to practice with the plunger pressure to get a small amount of crema
Easy to clean
Dishwasher safe

#2 – Puck Puck Cold Brew Attachment

Puck Puck Cold Brew Attachment

If you love cold brew coffee, you might want to get this simple PuckPuck attachment that sits on top of your Aeropress and allows the water to drip through the coffee at the drip rate that you prefer.

To achieve this, the Puck Puck has an adjustable drip setting that you select by simply twisting it as the water drips through the coffee grounds.

But, the most innovative feature of this attachment is the built-in splash filter. This allows the water to mix evenly with the coffee grounds before it drips out through the holes. This gives a more even dispersal and a better-tasting cup of cold brew.

Here are the easy steps to get a premium cold brew using your Aeropress:

  • Grind your beans to a medium-coarse grind
  • Take the plunger out of your Aeropress – you won’t need this
  • Place either a paper or stainless steel filter inside the Aeropress cap
  • Screw the cap onto the base of your Aeropress
  • Place the Aeropress on top of the decanter or mug that you’ll be using
  • Put the ground coffee into the Aeropress chamber
  • Take the splash filter off the Puck Puck and put this on top of the ground coffee
  • Screw together the Puck Puck water vessel and the adaptor 
  • Ensure the adaptor is screwed shut and fill up the water vessel
  • Hold the Puck Puck unit above the Aeropress to adjust the drip rate
  • Place the Puck Puck on top of the Aeropress and let it brew

Normally, it will take around two to three hours for your cold brew to be ready for drinking. You can even store your cold brew in the fridge for up to 2 weeks. That way, you can enjoy it whenever you want.

Adjustable drip controlCan take some practice to adjust the drip rate just right
Splash filter for even dispersal
Easy to clean

#3 – 2POUR Dual Press Accessory

2POUR Dual Press Accessory

Have you ever wished that you could make two cups of espresso at the same time using your Aeropress? Well, now you can with the 2POUR Dual Press accessory.

This nifty little invention sits under your Aeropress and has a spout on either side that allows you to dispense two small cups of coffee at the same time. 

Here’s how to make two cups of lovely fresh coffee using the Aeropress and the 2POUR:

  • Invert your Aeropress and add two scoops of your favorite grind
  • Pour in around 8 fluid ounces of water
  • Stir gently and let the brew steep for around 1 minute
  • Screw the filter onto the Aeropress and invert it onto the top of the 2POUR
  • Make sure that you have placed a cup under each spout
  • Push the plunger down gently and firmly to get not one but two great cups of coffee

Simple designIt’s not quite tall enough for coffee mugs
Easy to use

#4 – Hexnub Bamboo Organizer For Aeropress

Hexnub Bamboo Organizer For Aeropress

If you mainly use your Aeropress at home and struggle with the perfect place to store it including all the accessories, then this neat storage organizer is for you. 

It’s a simple design that can hold your Aeropress and the plunger as well as a range of filters, your coffee scoop and the paddle for stirring. Plus, there are dripper mats made from silicone for easy cleaning.

This unit would look great if you have a dedicated coffee station set up in your kitchen. Or, you can just sit it on the counter and know that everything is at hand when you need it.

Here’s a quick video to show the features of this lovely organizer:

Made from sustainable bambooCan be a tight fit to get the Aeropress in
Keeps everything neat & tidy
Easy clean silicone drip mats

#5 – 1Zpresso Q2 S Manual Coffee Grinder

1Zpresso Q2 S Manual Coffee Grinder

If you’ve purchased your Aeropress to take on your travels and even while camping, you’re going to need a manual coffee grinder if you want to grind your own fresh beans.

This slim and compact manual coffee grinder fits the bill perfectly. It only weighs just over 1 pound so it won’t add a lot of weight to your suitcase or camping gear.

Plus, the handle is foldable and features an ergonomic knob for easy use. There are 3 adjustable grind settings and a stainless steel burr to easily achieve grind consistency.

This manual grinder also comes with its own storage bag and a brush for easy cleaning without water. As a bonus for traveling, this little unit fits perfectly inside the Aeropress.

Small & compact designIt’s just a little on the pricey side
High quality
Foldable handle
Stainless steel burr
3 grind settings
Includes travel bag & cleaning brush

#6 – Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

Porlex Mini Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder

If you’re looking for a slightly more affordable coffee grinder, then the Porlex Mini stainless steel coffee grinder might just be right for you. This unit is even more compact and lightweight as it only weighs 8.5 ounces (240 grams).

However, even though this grinder is lightweight and compact, it’s still well-constructed and excellent quality. The handle is detachable and clips to the side of the unit with the attached handle holder.

There’s a rubber grip ring around the grinder which makes it easy to grip the unit while you’re grinding the beans. There’s an adjustment nut that allows you to dial in the perfect grind that you’re after.

The ceramic conical burrs are Japanese manufactured and will stay sharp for a long time. These burrs are rust-proof so they can be rinsed under water to keep them nice and clean.

Compact & lightweightIt might take a bit of effort to get a fine grind
Various grind options
Ceramic burrs that won’t rust
Convenient handle holder

#7 – Able Travel Cap For Aeropress

Able travel cap

This Aeropress accessory is one of those items that you never knew you needed until you saw it in action. The travel cap fits neatly on top of your Aeropress when you travel.

This allows you to store things like filters and even coffee beans (in their own airtight bag) inside the plunger and keeps everything safely contained. You could even think outside the box and stash some cash inside your Aeropress and nobody will ever know that it’s there.

As an added bonus, the travel cap can provide a cushioned base as you press down on the plunger. This makes plunging so much easier.

Small, lightweight and flexibleNot watertight or airtight
Perfect for travelers

#8 – Vomelon Battery-Operated Milk Frother

Vomelon Battery-Operated Milk Frother

If you simply can’t live without your morning latte or cappuccino while traveling, then you need one of these battery-operated milk frothers. This unit uses three AAA batteries and includes 2 different whisks.

And, everything fits neatly into a compact travel tube. Plus, it’s available in 10 different colors.

Easy to use & cleanDon’t expect it to last forever
Fits into a neat travel tubeUses battery power quickly
Uses 3 AAA batteries

#9 – Able Disk Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Set

Able Disk Stainless Steel Coffee Filter Set

When you’re traveling a lot with your Aeropress, you don’t want to deal with paper filters that you’ll have to carry and dispose of. These reusable Able disk filters are the perfect alternative.

They fit nicely inside the Aeropress filter cap and come in a set of two so that you can use different grinds. The filters are made from a photo etched piece of stainless steel so you can guarantee that they’re going to be durable and last for a long time. 

However, you want to handle the “fine” filter with a little extra care because it is thinner and more prone to bending. Nevertheless, this filter will provide you with a clean cup of coffee with minimal fines.

Reuseable stainless steelThe “fine” filter should be handled with care to avoid bending it.
Easy to clean
Environmentally friendly

#10 – Aeropress Flow Control Filter Cap

Aeropress Flow Control Filter Cap

This Aeropress flow control cap has a pressure-actuated valve to control the flow of the coffee. This virtually eliminates drips because the coffee won’t start flowing until you apply pressure to the plunger. 

It’s suitable to use with both a regular paper filter or a reusable metal filter/

This also means that you can steep your coffee for as long as you want without having to use the inversion method. The cap also gives you extra control over the air pressure as you’re plunging to give you true espresso-style coffee. It also means that you can create a lovely crema by using a finer grind.

No-drip pressure activated valveNot as easy to remove the used filter if you’re using paper ones
Allows you to steep for longer
Create a delicious crema with a fine grind

#11 – Aeropress Coffee Maker Carafe 20 oz.

 Aeropress Coffee Maker Carafe 20 oz.

This lightweight and compact carafe is perfect when you don’t want to press your coffee straight into a cup or mug. It fits perfectly under the Aeropress and has an easy-pour spout for pouring the coffee into your cups.

The carafe is made from shatter-resistant Tritan which means that you can easily take it with you when you travel without worrying about it breaking.

Compact & lightweightIt’s an extra item to pack when you’re traveling.
Hold 20 ounces of coffee
Easy-pour spout

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times can you use a stainless steel filter?

Stainless steel filters for your Aeropress are reusable for as many times as you want. They can simply be rinsed clean and used over and over again. The only time a stainless steel filter needs to be replaced is if it gets bent or damaged.

What materials is the Aeropress made from?

The Aeropress is entirely made from polypropylene except for the rubber seal. This makes the unit very durable and safe for hot water.

What is the function of the Aeropress funnel?

The Aeropress funnel has a number of uses. You can use it to pour the ground coffee into the chamber so that you don’t make a mess. You can also use it to pour brewed coffee into a vacuum flask. 

Final Thoughts

If you have an Aeropress, there’s no doubt that you love it and probably take it wherever you go. To help you get the most out of your Aeropress, we do hope that you’ve enjoyed our rundown on some of the top accessories that you can purchase for your coffee maker.

While you may not need them all, there’s sure to be one or two that you won’t be able to live without as an Aeropress enthusiast.