Best Portable Jump Starter With Air Compressor For Emergencies

Best Portable Jump Starter With Air Compressor For Emergencies

Are you in the market for the best portable jump starter with air compressor? We all know that unforeseen circumstances can happen both when we’re on the road or even at home. For example, someone might have forgotten to switch the lights off on your car or even accidentally left the internal light on.

When you’re late for work or an important meeting, there’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling as you turn the key to the engine and nothing happens because you have a dead battery. 

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Or, you’re a long way from home and you suddenly get a flat car tire. Not a problem you say as you pull the spare tire out of the trunk. But, as you put the spare on the car, you realize that it’s also half flat and you’ve still got a long way to go before you get home.

All of these major issues will be just small inconveniences when you have a portable jump starter complete with an air compressor as part of your car toolkit. These handy and inexpensive devices can get you back on the road in no time without having to wait for roadside assistance or worse still, a tow truck.

But, you want to make sure that you buy a reliable unit that will get you out of trouble whenever you need it. For this reason, the team here at Portable Pete have tested and researched numerous portable jump starter units and given their recommendations for the top 5.

Let’s look at these, one by one, and then we’ll introduce you to our buying guide so you’ll know exactly what to look for to get exactly the right portable jump starter with air compressor for your needs.

Key Factors We Considered When Making Our Selection Of The Best Portable Jump Starter with Air Compressor

Before we selected the top 5 portable car jump starters with a built-in air compressor, we looked at the different features and based our decisions on the most crucial ones. These included the amount of power output the unit could produce, the portability of the unit and whether each unit had multiple outlets for charging other types of devices.

Of the many portable jump starters that we tested, we also looked at the strength of the air compressor to ensure that each one was able to inflate a large range of flat tires. We also considered affordability and selected units that were reasonably priced with a few different budget options.

Lastly, ease of use was also a major consideration.

So, here’s our selection.

Top 5 Best Portable Jump Starters With Air Compressors

#1 – Dewalt DXAEJ 14 Digital Portable Power Station

dewalt portable jump starter

NB: This image is of the Type-2 model but the review is of the basic model which you’ll see if you click the link.

Basic Features:

  • Voltage – 12 volt
  • Amps – 1400
  • PSI – 120

This is on the pricier side of our best jump starter selection but we believe it’s great value for what you get. Not only do you get a top-quality jump starter with an air compressor but you also get a power inverter that converts DC (car) power into AC (household) power.

This addition makes this portable jump starter an excellent tool not only for emergencies but also for camping or extended trips because you can use it to charge all your mobile devices including your cell phone while you’re away from home.

Firstly, the jump starter unit offers up to 1400 peak amps of starting power which makes it suitable to start a wide variety of different cars and trucks right up to V8s. The unit also has two built-in USB ports to charge and power your electronic devices while you’re on the go. This has the added advantage of having a portable power pack always at your disposal.

Our team particularly liked the digital display that can show you a variety of different measurements including how well your alternator is working and whether there are any voltage problems and how much air is in your tires. 

The air compressor hose is housed inside the back of the unit and will provide 120 PSI of pressure to your tires with its surefit nozzle. It also has an auto-stop function that switches off the compressor after 10 minutes to avoid overheating.

The inverter part of the package not only converts DC to AC but it also has a 120-volt power outlet and two USB outlets. So, not only can you charge your smart phones but you could even plug in your kettle for a quick coffee on the side of the road.

The portable jump starter unit also has a couple of additional features that the team found really useful. It has a built-in AC charging cube so that you can easily charge the unit just by using an extension cord at home. Plus, it has reverse polarity protection that ensures that the jumper cables are connected correctly to your car battery.

You’ll also be happy to know that this portable jump starter will work effectively in a wide range of temperatures which means you can use it even when experiencing temperature extremes.

And, if you don’t think you’re going to use the added power inverter in these jump starter packs, you can easily buy the portable jump starter with air compressor on its own and save yourself a few dollars.

Portable compact unit that makes it easy to carry and storeRelatively small battery capacity at 140 watt-hours on a single charge
Digital display show remaining battery life and charging status in real timeNot suitable for powering high-energy devices such as power tools
Equipped with safety features such as overcharge and short-circuit protectionMore expensive than other units we’ve reviewed

#2 – Stanley J 5C09D Digital Portable Power Station

Stanley portable power station

Basic Features:

  • Voltage – 12
  • Amps – 1200
  • PSI – 120
  • Dimensions – 11.3” x 8.1” x 13.3”
  • Weight – 14.6 pounds

This heavy duty jump starter from Stanley has slightly less power output at 1200 peak amps. However, this is still enough power to start most vehicles, even those with 8 cylinders. There’s also a reverse polarity alarm to ensure that you connect the cables correctly to your battery and avoid battery drain.

The air compressor has an output of 120 PSI to inflate your tires easily when you’re on the road. There’s also the addition of a powerful LED light that rotates in case you get caught out when it’s dark.

This particular portable jump starter has 3 USB ports for all your electronic USB devices which makes it the perfect portable power pack. Plus, it comes with a limited 1-year manufacturer’s warranty. 

The air compressor also has a 10-minute Auto Shut off timer which will turn the unit off to avoid overheating in the event that you might have left it on unintentionally.

Once again, our team was impressed with the LCD display screen that shows you all the things you need to know while starting your car or putting air in your tires. 

This unit also has an onboard charging cube so that you can charge it conveniently at home with a normal extension cord. This portable jump starter will also operate in cold temperatures. 

And, if you need a slightly more powerful unit, consider the Stanley J7C09D Digital Jump Starter which features a peak amp output of 1400 amps.

Powerful enough to jump start most vehiclesThe air compressor is quite loud when in operation
LED rotating light for use in low-light conditionsQuite a heavy unit compared to some of the others
Digital display that shows battery status and charging level
Includes safety features such overcharge and short-circuit protection

#3 – JF.EGWO 3000 Amp Car Jump Starter

JF.Egwo portable jump starter

Basic Features:

  • Voltage – 12
  • Amps – 3000
  • PSI – 150
  • Dimensions – 6” x 5” x 3”
  • Weight – 2.9 pounds

This is one of the more compact jump starters on our list and it’s surprisingly powerful while also being lightweight. It’s also excellent value for what you get and will get you out of trouble when your car battery dies. 

It uses a high-speed polymer battery to put out 3000 peak amps. This means it’s powerful enough to start a variety of vehicles including all types of cars as well as RVs, tractors, lawnmowers and speedboats. 

The air compressor can put out 150 PSI and has a high-accuracy pressure gauge via a digital display. In fact, it will allow you to inflate a completely flat tire from 0 to 35PSI in under 4 minutes. The team thought this was rather impressive for a unit that is smaller and more compact than other jump starters. 

Another added bonus with this battery pack booster unit is that it comes with 4 inflation needles to inflate other items such as air beds, kayaks, bicycle tires and sports balls. This makes it the perfect companion when you want to go camping or hiking. The compressor also has an auto stop and will shut off when the desired pressure has been reached.

If you want even more features, this unit has two LED emergency lights and 2 USB charge ports for your electronic devices, making it the perfect portable power pack.  And, if this wasn’t enough, the unit also comes with a handy carry bag and a 12-month warranty.

Here’s an instructional video that shows you exactly how to use this impressive jump starter with air compressor:

High power capacityIt may take several hours to recharge the unit when the battery power is low
Multiple safety features such as reverse polarity protection 
Highly versatile
Includes 2 LED emergency lights
Includes handy carry bag
Lightweight and compact

#4 – Buture BR700 Portable Car Jump Starter with 150 PSI Air Compressor

Buture portable jump starter

Basic Features:

  • Voltage – 12
  • Amps – 3500
  • PSI – 150
  • Dimensions – 8.6” x 7.3” x 3.3”
  • Weight – 6.1 pounds

This small and compact budget jump starter features a powerful output of 3500 amps which is more than enough cranking power to start many different types of vehicles. It does this effortlessly even in extreme temperatures which makes it the perfect unit for occasional use.

The powerful air compressor also creates excellent air pressure for such a compact unit and features smart preset and auto shut-off. Even better, the air hose can be stored conveniently in a storage compartment inside the battery booster unit. Plus, there are various nozzles that you can use to inflate things like soccer balls and inflatable toys.

Another beneficial feature of this portable jump starter is that it can be used to charge all your electronic devices using the two fast-charge conveniently placed USB slots. Plus, there’s a powerful LED light which is super bright for when you’re caught out in the middle of the night.

Additionally, this unit has an LCD display so that you can see the status of the internal battery and the tire pressure as you’re filling your tires. To top it off, the unit comes with a carry case to make it easy to transport and is small enough to live in your glove box.

Compact and portableMay take several hours to recharge when the battery power is low and only has a short USB cable for charging
Multiple safety features The jumper cables are a little short
Powerful LED flashlight
Versatile with two USB ports

#5 – DieHard 71688 Gold Portable Car Jump Starter

Diehard portable jump starter

Basic Features:

  • Voltage – 12
  • Amps – 1150
  • PSI – 100
  • Dimensions – 10.63” x 11.5” x 11.75”
  • Weight – 12.25 pounds

This is the most expensive portable jump starter on our list but it’s quite a robust unit with some good features. Although the maximum output is only 1150 amps, the battery booster unit is capable of jump-starting most vehicles including those with larger engines. 

There’s also a cheaper version available of the Diehard with only 750 peak amps.

What the team found really useful that was different to other jump starter offers was that all the operating instructions are clearly written on the unit. This gives you not only instructions on how to jump-start your car but also how to charge the battery in the unit which can be done using an extension cord and a normal 120-volt power outlet.

The air compressor hose is conveniently located inside the back of the unit and comes with a variety of tire inflator nozzles to inflate car tires, sports balls and bicycle tires.

There are also 2 conveniently placed USB slots on the front of the unit to charge all your electronic devices when you’re on the road. Plus, there’s a handy in-built flashlight and a carry handle.

Rugged constructionNot as compact as other units
Excellent tire inflation capabilityMore expensive than other units
Includes an LED emergency light
Includes 2 USB ports for charging smart devices
In-built storage for the air hose

How To Select The Best Portable Battery Jump Starter With Built In Air Compressor

To select the best jump starter with air compressor to get you out of trouble when you have a dead car battery or a flat tire, there are a few things to consider.

Total Output

The peak total output amps that each unit can provide is important depending on the type of vehicle you want to charge. This is determined by how many amps the unit can produce. While all the portable jump starters on our list will happily jump-start a normal car engine, the more powerful jump starters will also allow the jump starting of larger vehicles such as trucks.

Air Pressure Or PSI

Air tire pressure is measured in PSI or pounds per square inch. Most passenger vehicles have tires that require a PSI of between 30 and 40. For these, an air compressor that can output around 100 PSI is sufficient.

However, some of the units on our list offer a maximum output of 150 PSI. This means that they will be able to inflate your car tires faster than units with less output.

Inflating a tire with a portable air compressor

Safety Features

There are a couple of important safety features that you should look out for that may not be present in more traditional jump starters. These are reverse polarity protection and auto shut-off on the air compressor.

Reverse polarity protection is a built in safety system that stops you from operating the starter if you have the charge cables on the wrong positive and negative terminals. It also stops the cables from sparking if you accidentally touch them together. This is particularly important so that you don’t damage your vehicle’s alternator or the other electrical systems.

The auto shut-off on air compressors is important to stop the compressor from overheating when you’re attempting to use it for a prolonged period of time. Most manufacturers will advise that you turn the compressor off after around 8 to 10 minutes and let it cool down for around 5 minutes.

However, many jump starters that have auto shut-off will switch off automatically and you can usually turn them back on again after around 5 minutes. For a detailed explanation of how to use a portable jump starter with air compressor correctly and safely, have a read of this article.

Charging Ports

To make most portable jump starters even more useful, most jump starters come with USB charging ports or multiple power ports. This turns the unit into a portable power bank that you can use to charge your electronic devices when you’re away from home and is a very useful feature.

In-Built Flashlight

An in-built flashlight or emergency light can be extremely useful and a good idea if you’re caught out at night. It allows you to see exactly what you’re doing so that you can get your car going again in no time.

The best jump starters incorporate this useful feature which is handy when you’re going camping because your unit can have multiple uses rather than just sitting in your trunk in case of an emergency.

A Comprehensive Comparison

To make it easier to choose just the right portable jump starter with air compressor for your needs, here’s a comparison table that lists all the most important factors that you need to know.

comparison table showing all the features of the jump starters in our reviews

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you recharge a portable jump starter with air compressor when the battery power is low?

Many units can be charged simply by using an extension cord and plugging this into a power socket in your home and garage while others can be charged from your car using the 12V port.

How often should you charge your portable jump starter with air compressor?

According to the major manufacturers, you should charge your unit every 30 days or so in order to keep it working correctly.

Final Thoughts

A portable jump starter with air compressor is a handy unit to have in the trunk of your car for those emergencies when your car just won’t start or you have a flat tire or one that is slowly leaking air.

Our team has tested and researched numerous units to come up with our top 5 list. These portable jump starters range in price from around $100 to just over $200. This makes them a good investment and will get you out of trouble when you need it the most.

All of these units can also be used as a portable power bank to charge your electronic devices when you’re away from home. And, many of them have an in-built emergency light in case you get stuck in the dark.

Whichever one you select, one of these units is sure to come in handy and quickly get you out of trouble.