BLACK And DECKER Portable Air Conditioner Review

BLACK And DECKER Portable Air Conditioner Review

This Black and Decker portable air conditioner is one of the top models that we’ve recommended in our article on the best budget portable air conditioners. If this particular product has caught your interest, you might want some additional information to see what makes it one of our top choices.

This particular unit is suitable for spaces up to 700 square feet and is designed for uninterrupted comfort throughout the hottest days and nights of summer.

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BLACK and DECKER Portable Air conditioner

What’s even more beneficial about this Black and Decker portable air conditioner is that it also functions as a dehumidifier. Or, you can even use it as a fan only when you just need some air flow.

It’s a user-friendly unit that features an easy-to-read top-mounted LED display, a remote control and a 24-hour timer. You’ll also appreciate the ease with which this unit can be moved from room to room thanks to the handy casters and side handles. 

Above all, this unit is considered environmentally friendly thanks to the R410a refrigerant that it uses.

The BLACK and DECKER portable air conditioner cools effectively and is a great multifunctional unit that will help you to keep cool in summer when a traditional inbuilt air conditioner is not an option.

Its ability to cool, dehumidify, and circulate air in large spaces, combined with user convenience, presents an easy way for you to create a comfortable home climate.

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BLACK And DECKER Portable Air Conditioner (14,000 BTU Ashrae) Overview

If you’re considering a versatile and rapid cooling solution for your space, the BLACK and DECKER portable air conditioner might catch your interest. Tailored for rooms up to 700 sq. ft., it’s a choice worth considering for both hot summer months and a humid environment.

This portable unit comes with multiple functions, serving as an air conditioner, dehumidifier, and fan. With a straightforward remote control and a top-mounted LED display, you can easily set the temperature to your preference. The convenience of a 24-hour timer and a slide-out washable filter makes this unit extremely user-friendly.

Mobility is one of its strong points, thanks to casters and side handles. This means that you can move the air conditioner between rooms without breaking a sweat. In terms of effortless installation, the included window adapter kit should simplify the process, though it’s worth noting that some users find the noise level of 54 dB to be a slight disturbance.

For the environmentally conscious, it employs R410a refrigerant, though its SEER rating of 6.2 may not be the most energy-efficient on the market. Overall, user feedback suggests satisfactory performance, especially for its cooling efficiency and ease of installation.

Key Features

Here are some of the key features that have helped this portable air conditioner make it onto our list. 

3-in-1 Functionality

This unit is not just an air conditioner. It offers a 3-in-1 package that includes cooling, dehumidifying, and fan options with an adjustable fan speed. This trio gives you the flexibility to adjust the appliance according to your needs, whether it’s managing high humidity in your living room or simply promoting air circulation without excessive cooling.

Impressive Features

  • Temperature Control: It features an adjustable thermostat to fine-tune your room’s temperature to your desired comfort level.
  • Easy Cleaning Washable Filter: The slide-out filter is washable, making maintenance simple and cost-effective.
  • Self-Evaporating Operation: A convenient function during high-efficiency cooling, reducing the need for a manual water drain hose.
  • 24-Hour Programmable Timer: Schedule your cooling in advance for added convenience, limited hours of use and energy efficiency.

Easy Mobility

Designed with casters and side handles, this unit offers effortless mobility. You can easily roll the air conditioner from one room to another, avoiding the need for multiple cooling units in different spaces.

Environmentally Friendly Refrigerant

The environmentally conscious choice of R410a refrigerant speaks to the manufacturer’s commitment to reducing the eco-footprint. This refrigerant is known for having a lower potential to contribute to ozone layer depletion when compared to some other refrigerants.

Black And Decker Portable Air Conditioner Pros and Cons

When considering this BLACK and DECKER portable air conditioner unit, it’s beneficial to weigh the positives against any potential drawbacks to make an informed decision.


  • Versatility: You’ll appreciate the 3-in-1 functionality. Not only does it act as an air conditioner but also as a dehumidifier and a fan. This multifaceted capability ensures your comfort in various climates and conditions.
  • Room Coverage: If your space is up to 700 sq. ft., this unit is designed to handle it with ease and quick start-up. It’s robust enough to deliver comfortable cold air on the coolest setting throughout larger rooms.
  • User-Friendly Features: The convenience of a top-mounted control panel and LED display, coupled with a remote control, means adjusting settings is straightforward, even from a distance.
  • Portable Design: When you’re looking for mobile comfort, portability is a breeze with side handles and bottom casters. You can move the unit to where it’s needed most without much effort.
  • Easy Low-Hassle Installation: The included window kit aims to simplify the setup process, which means you can start enjoying cool air without too much trouble.
  • Maintenance: The slide-out washable filter promotes a cleaner air environment and is straightforward to maintain.


  • Noise Level: Some users have reported the unit as being somewhat noisy, which might be disruptive, especially in quieter environments or during the night.
  • Inconsistent Cooling: Feedback varies with some users finding that the unit doesn’t always cool smaller rooms as effectively as expected.
  • Installation: While reported to be easy, the installation still requires some DIY effort and might be a little tricky for certain window types.
  • Size and Weight: Weighing almost 60 pounds, despite its portability features, the unit is substantial and may be difficult for some to maneuver initially.

Ease of Installation

When adding the BLACK and DECKER portable air conditioner to your space, you’ll appreciate the straightforward setup process. The unit arrives with a clear and concise owner’s manual, which guides you through each step. 

The inclusion of a window installation kit is a benefit, enabling you to have the AC up and running without professional assistance. It’s designed to work with double-hung windows, and the adjustable window brackets along with the exhaust hose make it adaptable to various window sizes.

The installation does not require permanent mounting or any major modifications to your home, which is ideal if you’re renting or prefer not to make permanent changes. 

This hassle-free approach extends to maintenance as well, thanks to the slide out washable filter and the auto water evaporation system. With no draining required under normal conditions, you’re set to enjoy a cooler environment without frequent interventions.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the performance of Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioners compare to other brands?

BLACK and DECKER portable ACs are designed to cool spaces up to 700 sq. ft. They’re robust and reliable, often performing on par with other leading brands in the market. While specific performance can vary depending on the model and conditions of your room, generally, users find that these air conditioners fulfil their cooling needs effectively.

What are the maintenance requirements for a Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner?

To keep your portable AC running smoothly, you’ll get the best results with regular maintenance. This includes cleaning or replacing the slide-out washable filter and ensuring the unit is free from dust and obstructions. The auto water evaporation feature simplifies maintenance, but during high humidity, it may be necessary to drain the water manually.

Are there any common issues with the Black and Decker Portable AC unit and how can they be remedied?

Common issues might include the air conditioner not cooling as expected or being noisier over time. Troubleshooting typically involves checking for a clogged filter, ensuring the room isn’t too large for the unit’s capacity, and verifying that the hot air exhaust hose is installed properly. Consult the relevant product manuals for specific guidance.

What is the energy efficiency of Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioners?

With a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) of 6.2, BLACK+DECKER portable air conditioners offer solid energy efficiency. They are better suited for those who need occasional cooling rather than as a permanent, round-the-clock solution.

How does the noise level of Black and Decker Portable ACs compare to similar models?

At around 54 dB, BLACK+DECKER portable AC units can be considered to have an average noise level. This is comparable to other ACs in a similar class, where some noise is expected as a part of normal operation.

Can a Black and Decker Portable Air Conditioner cool multiple rooms effectively?

A single BLACK+DECKER unit is optimized for single-room cooling, ideally up to 700 sq. ft. in size. For cooling multiple small rooms, the unit would need to be moved, or additional units would be necessary. Their portability and easy installation make it easy to move the units from room to room.

In Summary

If you’re looking for a portable air conditioner that can cool a certain room in your home, the Black and Decker portable AC is the ideal small air conditioner for your needs. Black and Decker products are manufactured to the very highest standards and this particular product is no exception.

The unit is easy to install and the addition of a remote control makes it easy to operate. You’ll also appreciate the fact that it can also be used as a dehumidifier and just a fan.

As portability is one of the major features we’re looking for, this air conditioner achieves that functionality extremely well. This definitely makes it worth your consideration and will save you from extensive measures to stay cool this summer.