PUGG Portable Soccer Goals: Perfect For Young Players

PUGG Portable Soccer Goals: Perfect For Young Players

These PUGG portable soccer goals are one of the products that we featured in our article on the best portable soccer goals

To provide you with all the information that you might need to select these as your preferred choice, here’s a full review with all the features and benefits that are pertinent to your selection.

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With their pop-up design, these goals are all about convenience, allowing for a swift transition from a flat-packed state to a functional goal. This means that you won’t waste valuable playtime with complicated setups.

PUGG 4 Foot Pop Up Soccer Goal Image

Sporting a reputation for quality since 1994, PUGG has become a trusted name for informal games and serious practice sessions. Although on the lightweight side at just 4 pounds, these goals seem to hold up well under frequent use. 

The integrated pegs extend their versatility on various playing surfaces, which means you can set up a game practically anywhere.

Bottom Line

For an easy-to-transport solution that simplifies soccer practice and impromptu matches, consider the PUGG goal. It strikes a balance between portability and durability.

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PUGG Portable Soccer Goals Overview

For enthusiasts looking to play soccer anywhere, these pop-up goals by PUGG are an essential companion. They weigh just 4 pounds, so carrying them to a park or beach is easy. The goals are set up with a surprising twist – literally – you twist them open, and they pop up to become a functional net. 

Then, when it’s time to pack up, the goals can be flattened again into an easily storable oval. Nothing could be easier and more convenient.

The package includes two goals, pegs, and a carrying bag with a strap, promising a quick match set-up on surfaces like grass and sand. The integrated pegs add stability, so you can focus on the game rather than the durability of your equipment.

Key Features

Let’s look a little more closely at what makes this product the perfect choice for enthusiasts and casual players alike.

Original Pop-Up Goal Design

The PUGG goal took the market by storm with its innovative pop-up capability when it was released way back in 1994. Unlike traditional goals, the pop-up feature means you won’t be fiddling with complicated assembly instructions. A simple twist is all it takes for these goals to spring into shape, saving you precious time and hassle.

Instant Set-Up and Easy Storage

Time is of the essence when you’re keen to play. The goals can be set up instantly thanks to their intuitive design. When the game’s over, the goals collapse just as easily, folding down to a flat oval just 1-inch-thick. This makes transport and storage easy.

Lightweight and Portable

For full portability, these goals come with a carrying bag that tidily packs the two-dimensional frames of the goals. Weighing a mere 1.72 kilograms, this portable package won’t weigh you down. 

Versatile Across Surfaces

Whether you intend to set up your goals on grass, sand or turf, the integrated pegs ensure a stable and secure setup. This means that you don’t have to worry about the goals shifting around if you have some overenthusiastic players.


When considering a functional, transportable soccer goal, the ease and speed of set up are important, and the PUGG portable soccer goals excel in these areas. They unfurl with a simple twist and pack away just as effortlessly. 

The inclusion of two goals, pegs, and a handy carrying bag adds value to your purchase, making it an all-in-one solution for on-the-go soccer enthusiasts.

You’ll find that these goals are also considerably durable which means that they’re going to last well.


While the PUGG soccer goals excel in portability, they do come with some drawbacks. These goals are relatively small, making them less suitable for older children or adults seeking a full-size goal experience. 

Although this size is ideal for younger kids or those working on accuracy, it might not meet everyone’s needs for a more traditional soccer practice.

Another point to consider is that despite the goals being easy to set up and store, the pegs might be difficult to insert into hard ground. This could be a minor inconvenience, particularly if you frequently move the goals to different playing surfaces.

Of course, even though these goals are very durable, their pop up design means that they’re going to be prone to wear and tear.

Durability and Quality

Many users have found that these goals maintain their structure even with regular use, which speaks to the reliability expected from PUGG products. You’ll appreciate the thoughtful design that includes hard plastic spikes for easy anchoring—a clear nod toward long-term outdoor use.

However, some feedback suggests that while the goals are mostly robust, the included nets may show early signs of wear after heavy use, especially if used frequently by enthusiastic and energetic kids. 

The positive is that the ease of folding and compact storage gets lots of praise, but users suggest that you should consider a gentle approach when setting up and folding down the goals.

While no product is without its potential for wear and tear, with reasonable care these soccer goals could serve your practice needs for a considerable time.

Customer Reviews

Overall, these portable soccer goals have achieved a 4.8-star rating from more than 1200 happy owners. 

One aspect that’s appreciated by many is the PUGG goal’s convenient portability. You’ll find many comments highlighting how swiftly they can be set up and folded back down. Plus, there are plenty of mentions of durability. This would suggest that these goals can withstand the rigors of active use.

Both coaches and those involved in youth soccer have expressed satisfaction, noting these goals are an asset during training sessions, given their ease of setup and sturdiness. Those using the goals at home love the ability to fold and store them away to save space.

While there are many positive reviews, some people have suggested that these goals come at a higher price point than many others. But, considering their ease of use and their quality, this is understandable. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dimensions of the PUGG 4 Foot Pop-Up Soccer Goals?

The PUGG 4-Foot Pop-Up Soccer Goals offer a convenient size for small-sided games and training sessions. Opened up, each goal measures 4 feet wide by 2.5 feet high. Once you’ve finished the fun, these goals collapse into a flat oval only 1 inch thick, making them effortless to pack and transport.

How durable are the PUGG Portable Soccer Goals for regular use?

The PUGG 4 Foot Pop-Up Soccer Goals are constructed from quality materials and are designed for durability and plenty of soccer play. 

Can PUGG pop-up goals withstand strong winds or weather conditions?

The built-in pegs provide solid anchoring on various surfaces like grass, sand, or turf. Their effectiveness in strong winds or adverse weather conditions would largely depend on properly securing the goals with these pegs. 

What is included in the purchase of a PUGG 4 Foot Pop-Up Soccer Goal?

Your purchase will include two PUGG 4-foot Pop-Up Soccer Goals along with the necessary pegs to secure them to the ground. Also included is a carrying bag, complete with a strap, to keep the goals together and easy to carry in their compact, folded state.

In Summary

When weighing the pros and cons, the versatility and ease of setup of this soccer goal set offer a significant advantage for anyone who wants to be able to practice and play soccer anywhere. 

The PUGG goals present a sturdy option for young players. While they may not be the largest goals available, their size is ideal for younger players or anyone looking to work on their precision. 

Storage and transport are a breeze, especially for space-conscious families, thanks to the included travel bag. So, if you’re in the market for portable, easy-to-use soccer goals that can withstand regular use, this PUGG set is definitely worth considering.