What Can You Do With A Photo Printer? 25 Photo Print Ideas

What Can You Do With A Photo Printer? 25 Photo Print Ideas

After our recent review article of our top picks of the best portable photo printer for 4×6 photos, I thought it would be fun to find some creative ways that you could use the photos that you print out with your new instant photo printer. So, if you’re asking “What can you do with a photo printer?”, we have some answers for you.

This way, you can not only print out your favorite photos, but you can also use them in some fun projects for your home and to give away as gifts to your family and friends. 

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Remember that a thermal dye printer will create a lasting print that is unlikely to fade unlike those printed with inkjet printers. This makes photos printed this way excellent for use in all kinds of different projects.

Select a dedicated photo printer in order to produce high-quality prints in vibrant colors directly from Android devices or iPhones.  Some compact printers will even allow you to print from a digital camera as well as your mobile devices.

This means that you can start a project when you feel like it at home without having to go to a photo lab to have your digital photos printed.

So, here are 25 projects that you can dig into after printing photos from your new photo printer.

1. Create A Photo Wall In Your Living Room

    a wall decorated with a variety of different sized photo frames

    You can print out some lovely family photos, pop them into some nice frames and place them creatively on a wall in your living room. This means that your favorite photos can be on display for everyone to enjoy. 

    For best results, arrange your photos at different heights until you end up with a display that you’re happy with.

    2. Tell A Story With A Series Of Photos

      a series of 3 photo prints on a living room wall

      More than likely, you’ve seen a triptych which is a series of three photos that are displayed side by side on the wall to create a panoramic wallpaper. 

      You can do the same with your 4×6 photos by taking a minimum of three photos of the same landscape or other things in succession. This is an interesting way to create your own wall art.

      You can then print these out, put each one in a frame and hang them next to each other with a little space in between each one.

      3. Make Special Memories Photo Books or Albums

        a photo book

        If you have some photos of a special occasion, you can print these out and then create a special album that serves as a memory of this occasion. You can use a pretty journal to pop your photos into just using a glue stick so that you have a permanent memory of your special moments.

        4. Turn A Wall In Your Living Room Or Kitchen Into A Family Tree

          a large tree mural on a wall decorated with a range of photo frames to use as a family tree

          This is a fun DIY project that you might like to consider. It’s not that difficult to find a vinyl decal of a large tree that you can place on a blank wall in your home. Or, if you’re a little artistic, you can even have a go at painting the tree onto the wall.

          You can then use family portraits of all of your family members to showcase on your family tree.

          5. Set Up A Photo Booth At Your Next Gathering

            a person holding a strip of photos from a photo booth

            Many of the photo printers that we reviewed have a photo booth option that allows you to print photos just like a commercial photo booth. For your next family gathering, why not set up a special area in your home for photo booth fun?

            Not only can the photos be printed out with your portable photo printer, but your guests can take them home as a memento of the occasion.

            6. Create A Scrapbook

              a scrapbook decorated with photos and artwork sitting on a white sheet

              Scrapbooking is quite a popular pastime for many people. This is a little different to a photo album because you can add many other decorations such as stickers and drawings.

              7. Make A Special Occasion Journal

                an open photo journal showing a range of different photos

                For special events that happen in your life, why not consider creating a memories journal? Make sure you take plenty of photos at the event and then print these out to stick into your journal.

                You can also add some notes about the occasion and add other mementoes such as event tickets and programs.

                8. Make A Photo Collage

                  a collage of a variety of different travel photos on a white background

                  You can create a wonderful photo collage by printing out a few photos and then arranging them creatively on the backboard of a photo frame. Or, you could use a corkboard to pop your photos onto.

                  9. Decorate Your Bullet Journal

                  an open bullet journal with a photo and writing

                  If you love to record your life in a bullet journal, why not add some interest and print out some photos to stick into it?

                  10. Use Your Memorable Photos To Decorate Your Christmas Tree

                  three black photos positioned under a christmas tree with cookies, cinnamon sticks and slices of oranges

                  Have a photoshoot especially for Christmas with everyone wearing Santa hats (including the family dog). You can print these out and hang them from your Christmas tree.

                  11. Add A Personal Touch To Your Christmas Cards

                  a selection of personalized christmas and some instant photos laying under a christmas tree

                  If there are still some people who you like to send Christmas cards, why not buy some blank cards and add a happy family Christmas photo? You can do the same with birthday or Valentine cards.

                  12. Add Photos To Your Vision Board

                  A vision board on a wall decorated with lots of different photos

                  If you’re a fan of vision boards to create a visual display of your dreams and aspirations, make sure you take some photos of the things you love to add to them.

                  13. Decorate Small Storage Boxes With Photos

                  photo storage boxes

                  Many people use small cardboard storage boxes to hold their treasures. If you have a habit of doing this, why not decorate your boxes with a photo that depicts what’s stored inside the box?

                  14. Turn Your Favorite Photos Into Magnets

                  different photo magnets on the front and side of a fridge

                  You can purchase magnet sheets in a 4×6 size with an adhesive side so that you can easily stick your photos onto them. Then, you can use your imagination to decorate anything around your home like your fridge with a photo collage. These magnets also make excellent gifts.

                  15. Make Your Own Postcards While Traveling

                  A postcard depicting a lovely landscape with rocks, a timber shed and some trees

                  Purchase some blank cards that you can easily turn into postcards. Stick one of your own photos to the front of the card and write a personalized note on the back. You’ll probably want to pop these into an envelope before posting them off to family and friends back home.

                  16. Create A Photo Block

                  photo blocks

                  You can purchase clear acrylic photo blocks that you can fill with your favorite photos. These blocks stand on their own and can be placed on shelves or on your desk at work. These are ideal if you don’t want to hang photos on your walls.

                  You can also find these types of acrylic photo blocks in different shapes and designs that you can use for interesting gifts.

                  17. Create A Lotus Display With Your Photos

                  lotus photo explosion

                  Along similar lines, available to purchase are explosion photo boxes that when fully opened, display a collection of your favorite photos.

                  18. Make A Pretty Photo Cube As A Special Gift Using Your Photo Prints

                  photo cubes

                  Another good idea is these photo cubes that allow you to display 4 photos around the cube. These would make excellent gifts as you could also place something special inside the box.

                  19. Turn Your Photos Into Coasters

                  a photo coaster on a wooden table with a cup of coffee

                  Coaster cork squares are readily available. These have an adhesive backing that you can use to stick your photos onto. These are generally available in a 4×4 size, so you might have to trim your photos to fit. 

                  You can do the same with cork placemats and a collage of photos. As your printed photos are on glossy paper and have a protective coating, they will be well preserved.

                  20. Personalize Your Luggage Tags

                  a suitcase with a blank luggage tag

                  If you’re always trying to distinguish your suitcases from all the others, why not personalize your luggage tags with a photo? You’ll be able to identify your luggage instantly.

                  21. Decorate Large Wooden Monogram Letters

                  large wooden monogram letters on a wooden table that spell out the word family

                  You can easily purchase large wooden free-standing monogram letters that you can creatively decorate with some of your favorite photos. This is another excellent gift idea.

                  22. Create A Photo Mobile

                  a hinging mobile with yellow paper stars

                  Use your creativity to create a photo mobile for your children’s room. Find some lightweight frames and string these from a hanger so that they hang at different heights. You can then hang this from the ceiling.

                  23. Make A Visual Memory Board Of Your Travels

                  two people with a suitcase standing in from of a large map of the world on a brick wall

                  Get hold of a large map of the world and stick this onto a corkboard. Now you can print photos of the places that you’ve traveled to and pin these onto the map.

                  24. Decorate A Wall With A Pegged Display

                  Pegged photo display

                  Another interesting idea is to gather some of your best photos and display them along a length of cord along a wall with fancy pegs. This is a great way to quickly decorate a blank wall in an apartment and is so easy to do.

                  You can even purchase pre-made garlands that you can use for this.

                  25. Create A Macrame Wall Hanging

                  macrame photo wall hanging

                  For creative types, why not create a macrame-type wall hanging that you can pin your favorite photos to? For those less creative, you can purchase something similar to a wall hanging for your photos.

                  Frequently Asked Questions

                  Can you print anything with a photo printer?

                  A dedicated photo printer, like the ones in our review article, can only be used to print photos.

                  Do photo printers use ink?

                  Most of the best and easiest-to-use portable photo printers use thermal dye sublimation rather than ink cartridges to print your photos.

                  What is the difference between printer paper and photo paper?

                  Photo paper has a special coating to protect the photo. In addition, photo paper used in thermal printers is thermally coated so that the paper can absorb the colors that are applied by the thermal printer.

                  Final Thoughts

                  There are so many different projects that you can use your printed photos for when you have the best photo printer at home. These 25 projects should get you started and may spark even more ideas to create decorative items for your home and special gifts for your family and friends.